Romantic Christmas Movies

Ok, I’m a bit slow updating. Sorry! As we know this is a crazy, wonderful and very busy time of year. Then add study!


To kick off the Christmas movies I’ve compiled a little list of some lovely little romantic Christmas movies. Some titles you may be familiar with others are new discoveries.

I mean…Christmas and romance…what’s not to love!

Over the past couple of years I seem to have developed a love for cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies. Now don’t write them off straight away! The ones below are very good stand alone movies that just happen to have Hallmark branding (and a little cheese).

So if you are feeling the Christmas spirit and like a bit of love with your magic then have a look at my little list.

1. Love Actually (2003)

Love Actually

No Christmas is complete without at least one viewing of this popular British comedic gem. It has everything you could possibly want from a Christmas movie (including the all star cast) wrapped up in a pretty satin bow.

Recommendation: Watch this one with your family, some friends or yourself and a glass of bubbles.

2. Bridget Jones Diary (2001)


Our next Christmas love story is the wonderful and crazy Pride & Prejudice modernisation that is the kookie Bridget Jones. Never mind the fact that you get to see the BBC’s own Mr Darcy as Mark Darcy in a Christmas jumper! But the movie is the ultimate Christmas pick me up when you need to deal with some stressful family situations.

Recommendation: Watch it by yourself with some chocolate ice-cream, mince tarts and wine the night before you head to the dreaded family gathering.

3. The Family Stone (2005)

family stone

Epic cast. Crazy family Christmas antics. Though really do you need a bigger pull than Diane Keaton? This family comedy/drama where two different families come together around a mismatched engagement is a sometimes over looked Christmas joy. Also, is there anything really quite as fantastic as an American house dressed up in all it’s glory for Christmas with a romantic downfall of snow?

Recommendations: This one is more for the adults in the family. A good film to watch with your partner as the romance is there but it’s not laid on too thick.

4. A Christmas Kiss (2011)A Christmas Kiss

Ok, so now we start my guilty pleasures. This little film is great. Yes, it is a made for TV movie and has a lot of the predictable Hallmark channel elements. What separates it from the others is it’s unique story, great script, well rounded and believable characters and balanced direction. Plus, there’s no escaping the feeling of magic with this one.

Recommendations: Watch this little one with some home made Christmas cookies. This is for those without a significant other during Christmas who want to believe in Christmas miracles. This is also a nice film for the teenage audience as well.


So, I hope this little list gets you started with your Christmas films. The big day is fast approaching! I will try to get my other Christmas films up this week.

Let me know your favourite Christmas films in the comments.

I hope you have been finding time to enjoy this most magical time of the year no matter your background or religion there is something for everyone this time of year.

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