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Lacey Chabert in Non-Stop (2013) Image: Lifetime Movie Network 

I’ll admit it.

I’m a sucker for a midday movie starring my favourite TV actors. You know the ones…predictable script…sprinkle of romance…and originating from either the Hallmark Channel or Lifetime Network in America. These films are the magazine version of movies. They are light, non-thinkers, and created for pure escapism.

On Monday this week Channel 7 aired the movie Non-Stop in its midday time slot. Yes, you guessed it, I jumped at the chance to set the DVR for this one.

The Movie

Amy Nightingale boards a red eye flight to Switzerland to deliver important contracts regarding a controversial book release. During the flight she meets a handsome passenger who threatens the safety of everyone on the plane. 

Non-Stop stars Party of Five and Mean Girls favourite Lacey Chabert. There are also some, presumably well known, American television male actors as well. I was excited to see that Amy Davidson was in a prominent supporting role. That is, till I watched the movie. Her character feels not only one dimensional but unfortunately not necessary.

This movie is a plane crash of a film! The dialogue is the first casualty. It is poorly written and there are characters spitting out words that just aren’t believable coming from a 27 year old male in this decade! The actors try their best with a script that feels like it hasn’t been through enough editing rounds.

The second casualty is the film itself. There are some scenes, largely the ones not on the plane, that seem to be anti-directed. What do I mean by this? That the obvious direction is ignored for sometime so stilted and jarring that the viewer is jolted out of the story.


“What? You mean we are flying into a flop?” Lacey Chabert in Non-Stop. Image: Lifetime Movie Network

So what worked in this television mid-air thriller.

The plot twist. 

The plot of this movie started out feeling a little cliché. However, right until the last 10 minutes you are kept in suspense and don’t actually know what or who is the villain or why Lacey’s character is so important that she needs to be attacked.

Lacey Chabert works hard to keep this film in the air. She is the best element of a chaotic mess of a movie. Even when the script becomes unbelievable and corny she somehow makes it work.

It is a shame this movie wasn’t handled better. Whilst it is entertaining, we are left with a very cliché TV movie.

You will like this movie if you are a fan of Lacey Chabert and don’t like overly scary thrillers (like me) and enjoy a tiny bit of mystery. The perfect audience for this movie also needs to enjoy the cheese factor that is a midday movie.

If the plot interests you and these types of made for television movies aren’t your idea of fun I’d suggest you try the very creepy Anne Hathaway thriller Passengers or even the suspense filled Liam Neeson film of the same name Non-Stop (2014).  Liam Neeson’s Non-Stop is bound to please the general audiences and rented on high rotation during it’s DVD release.

  • Lacey Chabert’s Non-Stop is available only on Amazon streaming in the USA.
  • Passengers is available to buy on DVD through most retailers and can be streamed in Australia on Netflix.
  • Liam Neeson’s Non-Stop is available on DVD rental and through most retailers.


For fans or midday movie fanatics only.

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