TPP – Coming Soon to a Movie Pirate Near You!

This week you may have heard the terms movie piracy and TPP mentioned on multiple occasions due to the 70th annual Australian International Movie Convention (AIMC) held on the Gold Coast.

TPP? Is that a new sci-fi movie?

Well no.TPP stands for Trans-Pacific Partnership. This partnership is a free trade agreement between 12 countries, including Australia which is in its final stages of negotiation. Through the details have not been revealed it was revealed this week that sections would allow film distributors/studios the ability to track down illegal movie downloaders via their internet service providers (ISP).

Scared? Perhaps you should be.

The IP Awareness Foundation released a statement this week which confirmed that whilst movie piracy has dropped with the introduction of streaming services such as Netflix to Australia, 40% of those continuing to illegally download content have increased their practices!

How do you get through to the modern digital audience?

Imagine this scenario.

You go to your job, put in the hours and hard work and at the end of the pay cycle you get paid. Now imagine if someone came along stole your work claiming it as their own. They earned money from your work but you got nothing in return. You’d be pretty furious wouldn’t you? Why are they entitled to money for your hard work? This is what you are doing when you pirate movies.

Many hours of hard labour and creativity go into each cinematic experience. Small budget Australian film crews may not even be paid till the movie returns a profit. You avoid paying to watch a movie, chances are someone will either not be paid for their hard work.

Working in movie rentals I heard all the excuses.

“It’s already on the internet so it is ok.”

“I want to watch it now but I don’t want to pay for a movie ticket.”

For years I tried to inform customers of the harm illegal downloading and movie piracy has caused. Fighting against the freely available pirated copies when people increasingly don’t want to pay for their entertainment feels like desperately trying to climb a wall of slime.

I hope that this post makes you question movie downloading practices.

Think you won’t get caught? Guess again! No longer will my beloved industry sit and watch you like a B-grade heist movie.

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